VPN4ALL VPN Review 2017

Provider : VPN4ALL VPN
Price : from $5.95pm
Coupon Code : vpn-reviews
Overall Rating : 4.5 / 5

I am a real world user that was looking for a decent VPN and from my searches I decided to write some reviews based on the different providers I have used. I recieved an email from VPN4ALL VPN provider asking if I would like to test their service. I had not heard of them before so I fugured I would give them a bash. My initial impresssion is OMG. I Must say I had fairly low expectations and I have been burnt in the past by ‘fly-by-night’ providers so it was with caution I approached them. My trial has been going on for over a month now and all I can say is that VPN4ALL have really blown me away.


As you can see from the graph below, speeds where fantastic. The slowerst speed was the USA but as I am testing from London, this is to be expected. I tested using a 100Mb test file which I downloaded from each location. One thing to note is they have many servers, some allow P2P and some don’t. for regular browsing I would advise to use a non-P2P server to get much better speeds.

VPN4ALL Review – Restrictions

What VPN4ALL gets so right, and I wish other providers would do the same, is to allow P2P but only allows it from certain servers. P2P has the ability to degrade the speed for other users so what they have done is make certain servers P2P only leaving the other servers to give a fast service. I give VPN4ALL full marks in this review for their approach.

VPN4ALL Review – Software Client

VPN4ALL VPN gives the user an easy to use client. This was easy to install and even easier to use. It gives you a list off all servers, how full they currently are so you can choose a less busy server with ease and clearly indicates which servers are P2P enabled and which are not.

VPN4ALL VPN Review – Video Streaming

So for many af you that want to use VPN4ALL for watching Hulu.com and Netflix outside of the USA this is for you. I tested on both and the results were great. There was not stuttering, the quality was great it was all really seamless. So if you want to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime instant video or even Hulu.com or Comedy Central, this is a great low cost VPN to choose. I even put it to the test and connected my Boxee Box and streamed content from the USA and it worked a treat! They also have great locations so say good bye to geotargeting!

Boxpn VPN Review – Server Locations

VPN4ALL VPN have a load of locations, I will attempt to list them all here!!!
Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chzeck, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Seychelles, Spain, Switzerland, Spain, UK and of course USA. Most of these have more than 1 server in each location which is great!

VPN4ALL VPN Review – Support

I never needed support at all but just to test them out I acted as a bogus user and they even went as far as offering to help me set it all up for me. The response was fast and they never made me feel like the idiot I was pretending to be!

VPN4ALL VPN Review – Protocols

As far as I can see they offer OpenVPN using their own client which is great. They also offer PPTP so you will have no problems setting this up on your iPad, iPhone or your Android device. I had it installed on my Galaxy S3 with no problems what so ever.


VPN4ALL VPN is not currently one of the big players in the market but if they keep doing what they are doing I can see this changing very quickly.  Their servers are fast, the support is good and their reach is superb. I would have no problem at all recommending this to a friend to use.

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