Pure VPN Review 2016

There are so many VPN providers these days it is pretty challenging to stay ahead of the changes. What adds more of a challenge too is that these providers themselves change. I did a review of one provider who was brilliant, and a year later all I have heard is complaints. With this in mind I have decided to do regular reviews on the providers.

Pure VPN is an established VPN provider with great servers, a great price point and great customer service. I will break this down into a few points which might make choosing the right provider for you a bit easier.

Pure VPN Review – Available VPN protocols
Pure VPN has a good range of protocols, not great however. The usual suspects are all there such as PPTP, L2TP/IPSEC and SSTP but sadly lacks the very popular OpenVPN. For many this won’t be a problem as you can set this up on most computers and operating systems, most mobile devices like your iPad, iPhone or Android device and many others too.

Provider : Pure VPN
Price : 1 month – $9.95 (0% Discount)
12 month – $74.95 (37% Discount)
Protocols : PPTP, SSTP, L2TP
IP’s available : Unknown
Overall Rating : 4.5 / 5

Pure VPN Review – Server Presence
Pure VPN now have 50 servers and are continuing to grow. They have servers in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany,  Netherlands, France, Sweden Singapore, Romania, Switzerland, Russia, Malaysia, Ireland and Panama. These servers seem to be setup to provide both static as well as dynamic IP addressing.

Pure VPN Review – Speed Tests
I have been using Pure VPN all week now and have especially been testing with a few video services. I am in the UK so I wanted to watch Hulu.com and Netflix for outside the USA so I connected up with the VPN and started watching immediately. I only had one slow down and this was during peak times and I am almost certain that it was caused by my own internet connection rather than the VPN as I had no other issues at all in my tests. I achieved good speeds and most importantly for me, a reliable connection.

Pure VPN Review – Conclusion
During my time reviewing and using Pure VPN I found the setup easy, the pricing good and the supported protocols and server presence good. I logged a fake ticket just to see the support times and it was answered promptly and more importantly, in a friendly manner. I have absolutely no reservations about recommending Pure VPN to any one looking for some extra privacy, to remove internet restrictions or if you are just trying to catch up on your latest TV shows on Hulu or Netflix.

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