IPVanish VPN Review 2017

Provider : IPVanish VPN
Price : from $6.49/month
Coupon Code : none available yet
Overall Rating : 4.5 / 5
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The too long, didn’t read summary first. More than 20 countries, more than 2500 IP addresses and support for all the usual protocols and most importantly, at a great price. These are the factors that most people seem to find important and based on these, I find myself saying hell yeah.

So if you have gotten this far, lets get into the finer details or IPVanish VPN service. Lets start with the supported protocols.

IPVanish VPN Protocols
IPVanish supports all of the usual protocols. They have the ever popular openVPN and they also support my personal favourites PPTP and L2PP

IPVanish VPN Countries
IPVanish is available in more than 20 countries, have a quick look at the image below to see if this fits into your needs.

IPVanisher VPN Video Streaming

One of the biggest questions I get asked when it comes to VPNs is how it works on streaming services. When I do a review I log into both the USA and the UK and do tests on TV servoces. I tested IPVanisher on hulu.com, netflix.com and lastly just watching the off youtube video. I am happy to reply that all streaming services worked just fine. I had one slight stutter but I think that was due to my connection and I extended the test to see if I could get a re-occurrence and I had none. I am pretty glad to say that in my IPVanish review I can give this full marks.

IPVanish Policies and Log Retentions
The question I get asked all the time too is in regards to P2P usage and log retention. IPVanish allows P2P on all servers without restriction. This is very welcome as many companies have certain allowed servers which becomes a pain when you are constantly having to switch. What makes IPVanisher even better is they keep no logs. Below is the log policy

“IPVanish in no way records or stores any user’s activity while connected to IPVanish..  We don’t know where you went or what you did when connected to the VPN.  IPVanish respects every customer’s right to privacy and don’t think it’s anyone’s business what someone else does.”

IPVanisher Speed Tests
Here are a few of the speeds tests which I have completed from my 20Mb Sky Fibre connection.

United Kingdon – NO VPN

UK with VPN

USA – Arizona with VPN

France – Paris with VPN

Germany – Frankfurt with VPN

So I have finished my testing and all I can say is that I am really happy with this service. It is a great price and offers good performance and has great server locations. If you are in any restricted counties you should not have any problems with IPVanish. It was an absolute pleasure working on the IPVanish Review as everything just worked. This is not always the case with VPN providers! Speeds were good with the slowest coming from the UK which is understandable with the hop across the pond.

IPVanish VPN Prices
1 Month – $10.00
3 Months – $26.99 ($8.99/month)
12 Months – $77.99 ($6.49/month)

IPVanish Coupon Code
There are currently no active coupons but for great deals click here.



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