IP Hider Review

IP Hider is an installable application that can mask your IP by use of what is known as a proxy server. How this works is as follows. When your computer requests an internet address you computer sends this address to your ISP and then onto the requested page. This means that all sites you visit are available for viewing my your ISP. If you use a proxy server such as this, all your requests are sent to the ISP and then onto the proxy server which then forwards it on and fetches the requested page. How this helps protect you is your ISP will ONLY ever see you requesting pages from from the proxy and never from the page you actually asked for.

The software was easy enough to install and there are 2 methods to use it, simple and advanced. Simple for the most standard user is very user friendly and advanced is great for users with more experience. The speeds achieved were fairly decent, there is a marked decrease in speed from a standard connection but the service is still usable.

In conclusion, the service is pretty decent for basic web browsing and surfing the web.

If you have a VPN service that you would like reviewed, head on to the contact us page and drop us an email and we will do our best to get a review posted up.

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  • saleem says:

    I have been using IP Hider for more than 2 yers. It is good proxy but sometimes proxies do not work so sometimes not reliable. Software gets better and is easier to use now.

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