IAPS Security Services VPN Review

If you have made your way here you probably know exactly what a VPN and a VPN service is, if not I shall give you a brief explanation. A VPN is a virtual private network and what that boils down to is a secure network link between 2 networks over the internet. There are many reasons why you would need this but some of the more ‘practical uses’ for this is anonymity, security and a handy tool to bypass pesky geotargeting systems.

IAPS was a great surprise find, I had not heard of them before and was really surprised by the service. IAPS have the biggest presence I have seen out of any provider tested so far. With servers in more than 151 locations they have an amazing footprint. I needed to trial the services so I picked up an account for UK, USA and South Africa. I have not seen any premium VPNs in South Africa so this was a pleasant surprise and one I was looking forward to testing (being a South African). The last thing to do was some testings, and this is the reason you are still reading!

There are a few basic tests that that I go through on each review, one is a test for streaming. Many people use a VPN service to to watch hulu.com from outside of USA or some other service that is geotargeted. I also test a single 100Mb file which usually shows a true reflection of the server and if there are many people utilising it, or in many cases, over-utilisingit. IAPS stood up to these well, very well in fact and to just leave it at well would be an understatment. They are the best performing VPN provider I have tested and they have a big lead on the others. I watched an entire Episode on Hulu and there was no buffer delay or any speed related issue which is a big plus for me. Below are results from my speed test.

The only issue that stops IAPS VPN from being the ultimate VPN service is two fold. The first and this is easy to get over; it is that you need to choose from the outset what country you would like to use and subscribe to it. You don’t get to just use any of their huge array of servers. The second is that if you are a bittorrent user or make use of P2P you you can not use the following VPN’s United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark and Australia. This again is not a huge issue but may be a deal breaker for some.

In conclusion : This is the best performing VPN service I have tested. The speeds I have achieved are the same speed as my standard connection, the only thing that was effected was the ping which is to be expected. The setup was painless and the support and communication I received from Jared was fast and friendly.  It is due to these factors that this is the first VPN service to receive ‘Editors Choice’[ed : See update].

UPDATE : Do to numerous complaints I have received I am having to remove the ‘Editors choice’ and will be doing a follow up review in due course.

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  • Josh says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this review.
    I have been using VPN since 2003 and I’ve tested around 50 companies and I can say that IAPS has the best speeds, the best support team and the best deals and they are reliable.
    Many companies opt to block sites, IAPS does not block any site.
    They have 1 gbps line no matter which country you choose.
    Super easy to setup.

    A truly 5-star company!

  • Mark Ruckerford says:

    Hey – I’ve used this company for 6 months now and I agree, they are without a doubt the best provider out there. They have more locations than you could ever hope of using. You’d certainly never run out of choices. Anyone that reads this please know that if your looking for vpn services this company is your one stop shop!!

  • MK says:

    Unquestionably the IAPS VPN services are the best available as regards connection quality, secure encryption of the network, and customer service and set up.
    What the reviewer mentions as drawbacks I see as pluses as these help keep the networks secure, dramatically reduces abuse in the networks, and increases available bandwidth for all users.
    I cannot imagine using any other VPN service.

  • JTV says:

    Totally agree with whats been said here. This company has long provided me with the secure vpn services I need. Being in different countries because of my job, the vpn I get from IAPS helps keep me in communication with my family with skype no matter what network I’m on.

  • Colin B says:

    I’m pleased to see a balanced and fair review of IAPS. The company has provided me with excellent service for a number of years . I can honesty say IAPS is a trusted company. The amount of server locations is outstanding. Customer support is of high standard. This is my honest opinion if your looking for a VPN provider I would recommend you try IAPS

  • KTM says:

    These guys have excellent servers!

  • TTG says:

    From my experience they’re not a bad vpn service at all but certainly no better than a few others I’ve tried, HMA being the best so far.

    It looks like it’s basically a one man operation which puffs itself up to look like a big player, which is fine, that’s what you do to make it I guess. Its forums are sparsely populated with an overwhelming majority of the posts from one person, the “CEO” of IAPS.

    All the wildly positive comments on the internet seem a bit suspicious to me.

  • Bill says:

    About IAPS service, I don’t understand the following:

    First, regarding its SSHv2 service for Chinese users IAPS says on its website: “…unlike vpn services, if this tunnel breaks, all traffic is immediately halted and you are unable to surf or browse until the tunnel is re-established.

    Why is this a good thing? I would like my connection to be uninterrupted. And how long does it take to re-establish?

    Second, they ask for addresses and phone numbers, which they say is done in order to prevent fraud. I don’t know what kind of fraud does verifying their customers’ identities prevents. I thought the whole idea was that this kind of service is anonymous. But maybe there is something I do not understand as I am new to this kind of service.

  • Nuno says:

    I have tried to get some reply from IAPS and for my VPN service and then past 4 days i have my VPN, good speed, but the conection is bad,
    stops, not stable, go down constantly,dont have reliability,stops in the middle of something and gives your true Ip, in outher words its sucks………..

  • Kinan says:

    I bought the Jordan SSTP VPN from them (it took 1 day to activate)
    but i couldn’t connect because of the Error 0x800b0109)
    I try to contact them twice via their contact form but no replay, so many times via there yahoo messenger support and even their Skype support name is not found when trying to add them.
    they don’t have any live chat support
    I log in to their form support but my threat still not approved
    now am already 1 week stuck with no VPN or any support
    worst company ever

  • ALBERT says:


    0 information provided 0 service provided

  • ALBERT says:

    International Alliance (IAPS) VPN is a scam, no support live no reply to emails

    This company is a scam, they say “to wait of 24 to 36 hours after payment is stated explicitly on the website. This is to prevent fraud”

    then they run away with your money, this service is fraud

    2 months later, no service no refund, total scam

  • horrible says:

    I bought a product from here, in two weeks I did not receive anything and was ignored by the “customer service”. When I could finally get in touch with them, they had no idea about anything regarding my order, and instead of an apology and a proffessional approach the customer service had an arrogant, rude and offending attitude, totally amateur and unhelpful.
    I advise anyone to stay very far away from this site if you want professional service, instead of your money being simply jacked.
    This site is a prime example of abusing your limited options as an internet costumer and shamelessly laughing in your face while taking your money for nothing.


  • Cesar Lorenzo says:

    These last few comments appear to be done all by the same person. Its a real pity that a site like this gives a company an edited bad review based on mud slinging comments by the same person for whatever motivation they might have to talk bad about a company. Regardless of the above comments, I’m a firm supporter of IAPS and I’ve been a client of theirs since early 2008 and although the company is not as perfect as it can be, its still a valuable resource for me, my business, and getting through the censorship that I need to on a daily basis.

  • mike says:

    I used IAPS for a number of years. I was pleased with the level of service and would recommend the service to anyone as very good. The service itself is extremely good as is the support.

    Due to information which I recently have acquired I do however recommend making prior contact with the management of the company if one intends using any of their services for P2P use. The terms of service and the managements interpretation thereof should be adhered to strictly.

    IAPS is a good service and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

  • Teodor says:

    By far the worst customer support experience ever!

    Out of 6 months of services acquired, for a total adding up to one month I was not able to use their services. Customer support is nowhere to be found and when they do show up the replies you receive are arrogant and rude. They are far too busy doing something else than providing services to the customer.

    STAY AWAY: find another provider who cares about its customers and who offers similar services at much cheaper rates. Their offer is by the far the most expensive one on the market and the value you get in return it is simply not worth it…

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