How to hide your IP?

The internet world has changed and privacy is becoming a much bigger issue than it ever has been in the past. ISP’s monitor your activity and some sites even monitor what you are downloading. Your IP does not only link to you, but it also links to your country. What this means is that some sites will not allow you to access content if you have an IP from another country.

So the question is, how do I hide my IP? This is actually impossible, you will always have an IP but the question should rather be, how do I make my IP look like another? You can use a proxy server for this but I would not recommend it. They are often slow, unreliable at best and don’t do a very good job. What I would recommend is using a VPN solution. What this does is allow you to connect to that server in the country you chose and then all subsequent actions come from that server and your IP address is hidden. You can now watch or from anywhere in the world, visit any site you like, and although I do not condone it, mostly download whatever you like. This also helps stop your ISP being nosey and stopping you browsing certain sites. China and most Muslim countries are very strict about the content you can see. By using a VPN you can bypass these restrictions.

Here are a few example VPN’s I can recommend
Hide My Ass VPN : They are cheap and offer servers all around the world

Boxpn : They are cheap and have good coverage and great speeds

VyprVPN : If there was a Champagne VPN, this would be it. High quality and great speed

PureVPN : A great all rounder, good speed, good server locations, good support

These are the tools you need to hide your IP. If you can any questions, please ask.

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