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If you have made your way here you probably know exactly what a VPN and a VPN service is, if not I shall give you a brief explanation. A VPN is a virtual private network and what that boils down to is a secure network link between 2 networks over the internet. There are many reasons why you would need this but some of the more ‘practical uses’ for this is anonymity, security and a handy tool to bypass pesky geotargeting systems.

Hide My Ass Pro have put a lot of effort into their new release and they have taken many of the important points and included these in the new release. Some of these features include a monitor that will show you whether or not you are connected. The old client had an issue where it would dissconnect and you would think you were still connected so you were falsly under the impression that you were safe. They have taken this one step further and added Secure IP Bind. What this clever addition does it bind certain programs to Hide My Ass Pro VPN. I for instance bind Chrome so if the connection on Hide My Ass Pro VPN fails you will no longer be able to browse until a new connection has been established. A problem I had with the last client was the random disconnects and the clients inability to reconnect. This seems to have been addressed and the program happily reconnects after a disconnect.

With the growth of the service they have also been able to expand their servers into many different countries and expand to so you have many georaphic choices in these countries. The USA has 21 servers now (when this was published), the UK  has 6 and then there are various others dotted around the world. Some examples or these are Canada, Ierland, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Estonia, Ukrain and Portugal. There are more than this but those are just some of the one I thought to mention.

I have revisisted the speed and have done a more comprehensive speed test. The speed test was done using a 100Mb file (http://cachefly.cachefly.net/100mb.test) and the avererage speed on completion of the file download. All tests were done on a Virgin Media 10Mbps line.

So in conclusion, the new client is great. Hide My Ass Pro are consistently reinvesting into their service and are adding more and more servers and the speeds if you pick a server close to you are really good. With all this business of ISP’s monitoring your downloads and monitoring your usage I think this is a really great service and I will continue to use them.

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  • James says:

    If you use torrents or p2p this is a must

  • neo62 (at) gmail.com says:

    I have just ordered hidemyass vpn and I have been using it for a week. What I can say so far is that they are pretty good. Speeds are good and the app is good. They have loads of servers too which is really good. I was using strong vpn before but I had issues with their billing and so so I can recommend hidemyass.

  • Firefly says:

    I have just ordered vpn and am using on my mac. The speeds were not to good and I was going to get a refund but then I just tried to connect to another server and the speed was great. I wish it would just give me the fastest server straight away

  • jwen says:

    I have been using HMA VPN for the 30 days and was going to just trial them but I actually really like the service. It is easy to use and does exactly what it says on the tin. Only gave 3 for support as I have not have to contact anyone yet.

  • Tim says:

    Easy & Fast! Usually improves streaming or download speeds when in hotels. Biggest thing I have liked is the ability to “fool” services like Hulu when traveling out of the US. I am able to watch programs that are limited to “US only” anywhere. And it’s CHEAP.

  • Humphry says:

    I am generally very happy with HMA, although I gave your support a low rating , that is because there is not much information to get up and running on Ubuntu 11.04, although there is some, it is not enough.

  • Phil Blankenship says:

    Very nice service. Been using it for a week no issues. I am so pleased I will be purchasing a year for the 6 bucks a month. Nice forums online and speeds are great and was my primary concern when looking into this. The torrents are fast if you do that and browsing is nice and fast. The little app that is up for download is great and has many options. Protect yourself.

  • Markib says:

    Damn, slow. I tried using every other server location and nearly all are as bad as the one before. If you use PPTP it gets disconnected every few minutes. Even if you use their software there are many times when your browser just stops opening anythng and you have to disconnect and reconnect. And their option in the software to check the speeds too is disabled and not working. This is my 3rd week with them and I am already searching for another provider and came across this site.

  • Rex says:

    All good, found out about them from your site, been using them since. No major complaints. Using from USA

  • Sanil says:

    Using the service VON service for Netlix and Hulu from South Africa. I don’t get it to stream in HD but the movies all work fine.

  • TL says:

    Just received an email from HMA that they had “received a DMCA file sharing complaint and the date, time, and IP address provided matches the date, time, and IP address your VPN account was in use”.

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