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One Click Install of your own PPTP Server

I have been using VPN servers as part of my day-to-day job for years. It is what lead me to starting a VPN review site. One of the issues I have found is that sometimes you need a VPN server but none of the providers seem to support your country. I have this often coming... Read More »

Holiday Discount for Hide my Ass VPN, Prices From $4.99!

Good news for all of you. The guys down as Hide My Ass VPN have some great discounts for the holiday season. Starting from 3 December until 31 December you can head on down and have  a visit and cash in on some crackers. Click the link and go and buy, no coupon code required.... Read More »

VPN4ALL Discount Coupon

We have an exclusive coupon code for all you guys out there. Head on over to and enter in “vpn-reviews” for your 15% purchase price. Keep watching this space for more deals, discounts and vouchers for VPN4ALL VPN. Please remember to leave a comment if this code has worked for... Read More »

Hide My Ass VPN Adds Even More Servers!

Hide My Ass VPN has gone and added even more servers to their already impressive array and have also added servers in Brazil. If you are looking for a local VPN provider in Brazil, look no further. This is good news for current subscribers and another tick to add to the box if you are... Read More »

How to hide your IP?

The internet world has changed and privacy is becoming a much bigger issue than it ever has been in the past. ISP’s monitor your activity and some sites even monitor what you are downloading. Your IP does not only link to you, but it also links to your country. What this means is that some... Read More »

Hide My Ass VPN Discount (from $4.99 per month!)

The fellows down at Hide My Ass VPN have got a crazy holiday madness sale going on, no Hide My Ass coupon code is needed! Starting on the 15 December Hide My Ass VPN subscriptions will be slashed to the following prices 1 month $11.52 > $9.99 (13% saving) 6 months $50.66 > $39.99 (21% saving) 12... Read More »

VyprVPN launches a new app

 We have just been informed that VyprVPN have just launched a new app (beta) which will allow users to connect to it’s service in just 30 seconds. Users now also have the ability to freely switch between any of the server locations and it even supports protocol switching. Coinciding with the launch of their app, a new... Read More »

Iran deems VPNs to be Illegal

Iran is the latest t join the fray and has banned the use of proxies and VPN’s deeming them illegal. Pakistan was another country which took a similar approach and banned the use of VPN’s citing ‘security goncerns’. What it really boils down to however is these countries want to know exact;y what you are... Read More »

Hide My Ass Fails to Hide LulzSec Members Ass

The British VPN company Hide My Ass has recently, by court order, handed over the logs and details of one of its members to the FBI in a hacking case.  The court had sent the request for this information after an attack on Sony Entertainment and Cody Kretsinger of Phoenix, Arizona, was arrested. Hide My... Read More »

VyprVPN Launches New Servers in France

Some good news from the folks down at Golden Frog is that they have added new servers in a new location. The launch in mid September sees them adding a new array of servers in France which should please many of their French and European clients.If you are an existing VPN customer or are a... Read More »

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